Development of diagnostic and technological strategies for the reduction of gushing in champagne and sparkling wine

While foaming is a major appreciated characteristics of champagne and sparkling wines, unwanted overfoaming designated as "gushing" causes consumers rejection and commercial losses. Factors causing gushing of sparkling wines are widely unknown, but are believed to include specific, surface-active proteins. These proteins play an important role in filamentous fungi, namely when it comes to their infection of plants and may also be produced by fermeting yeasts with pro- or anti-gushing properties, respectively.

The aim of this project is to develop analytical and process-based measures, that can be used to reduce the number of complaints due to gushing. The targeted analysis of Gushing-inducing fungal proteins and Gushing-reducing proteins from grapes, base wine and yeast can help to identify critical wine lots before their use in sparkling wine production. By investigating processes in wine and sparkling wine production with regard to their effect on such proteins, processes can be optimized to reduce the occurrence of gushing.

project leader: Ludwig Niessen

participating scientists: Magdalena Hackhofer, Lisa Frisch

open positions: None

collaborations: Doris Rauhut (