Our vision of special properties

Special properties of microbes are strain specific. They are what it is all about when it comes to their expoitation in (food) biotechnology. Often they are not mentioned or "illegal" according to their species descriptions found in textbooks.

Within lactic acid bacteria special properties include the formation of special compounds as exopolysaccharides, bacteriocins, vitamins or aroma compounds. They can also be related to oxidative stress or acid tolerance (e. g. formation of a respiratory chain, superoxide dismutase, arginin metabolism), survival in the intestine, modulation of the immune system or the degradation of compounds.

The projects on these topics vary with time, while we have long term favourites in exopolysaccharide and volatiles formation as well as heme-dependent properties. In some areas we "adopt" acetic acid bacteria or coagulase negative staphylococci in these projects, when our favourite lactics are at their limits.

Everyone in our group has special properties, which we exploit in interaction studies.