Our fast identification techniques

Fast, reliable identification of microbes have driven the development of sophistocated techniques in molecular micobiology. Eachn technique has its own advantages and limits when it comes to delineate real hits from false positives and negatives, detection limits and potential to differentiate at various levels of taxonomic hierarchy, i. e. along genera, species, biotypes or strains. In our specialty of fermented foods furthermore microbiota comprise various interactive strains and a dynamic behaviour along the process.

We have developed and in use a large variety of such mostly genetically based techniques including PCR, real time PCR with light cycler, RAPD, AFLP, ARDRA, LAMP and FISH as well as (meta)transcritomic sequenging. We also employ and develop MALDI-TOF-MS analysis for bacterial and eucaryotic identification and biotyping. As a result of continuously ongoing isolation and identification of fermentative bacteria in food, we have described some new species, namely lactobacilli.

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