We want you!

We are continously refreshing our team namely within the group of PhD students. Currently open positions in forthcoming projects are listed here. Our definitive position advertisements are seen at

www.jobvector.de (search this site for "Technische Mikrobiologie Weihenstephan")

Some position descriptions are in German. This is indicative for the German communication skills beeing required/advantageous in industrial cooperations/steering committees in these projects.

Also, spontaneous applications are welcome if you feel attracted by our approach to science or by a specific topic. We always have some project applications pending, which are not yet listed here, but may soon be granted.

All applications must be sent to

e-mail secretariat

to the attention of Prof. Dr. Rudi F. Vogel.

Typical (PhD) applications must contain a curriculum vitae, recent foto, full record of your education/scientific career including certificates and list of topics and marks obtaind in the courses taken, two referees who may be contacted (email/phone numbers), contact information (email, cell phone), and special interests/skills. Tell us why you feel that you are the most suitable candidate for this position.

For more information on a specific project do not hesitate to contact us. For previous work in a respective area check out an overview on some of our publications here.


A PhD position is open from Decdember 2018 in on "Interrelation of lactic acid bacteria from insects with food fermentations", dealing with the role and dynamics of exopolysaccharide formation in the occupation of and adaptation to these different habitats.

Successful candidates should have a excellent background in microbial physiology, biochemistry and/or molecular biology/bioinformatics. Our money giving parties expect written reports in fluent German.

More open PhD positions coming later in early 2019 - inquire.