Our vision on interaction

Fermenting food systems, animals and plants host microbial communities. Even machines "like" biofilms. Understanding the interactions of the participating microbes enables design of foods and helps preventing diseases for man, animals and plants.

Modern molecular technologies offer fantastic tools to study interaction of living organisms. We have projects in the areas of host (human/mouse) - microbe (lactic acid bacteria), plant (wheat/barley) - microbe (fungi) and microbe - microbe (lactic acid bacteria/staphylococci/yeasts). In these projects we use lux and imaging technologies, omics (genome and subgenome arrays, proteomics and metabolite profiling), recombinant reporter strains, FISH, DGGE and immunological as well as PCR-based detection systems to study responses of microbes to their environment of living things.

Some projects have a practical question in the back, which we like to answer by understanding. Some projects listed here could be listed with other headings in the side bar. Some scientists in these projects work in other areas and use expertise of those working in these fields.

Crosstalk and interaction are our driving forces to develop novel research ideas.